The Power of Film

I recently watched two documentaries in English class. Both movies featured significant problems and had a message for us to understand. By making movies and using media this way we get to see the world from a point of view that we rarely have the opportunity to otherwise. The great thing about “Before The Flood” is that Leonardo DiCaprio is a man what we can relate to in this context because he is a non-professional. He asks the same types of questions as I would have. The whole team behind this movie does a great job at directing it towards the majority of people.

The other movie we watched in English class was “Girl Rising”.  The movies take us through the story of nine girls from all around the world. We saw the different shades of poverty and oppression. All of the stories were based on real experiences and some of them featured the actual girls the stories were about. We were met with the hard truths that many people meet every day and it really shows us how lucky we are here in Norway.

Movies, in general, has a huge impact on people in different ways. The typical saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I believe it multiplies with movies. The product of moving images, sounds, voices and narration makes up an artwork that can teach us countless things. I highly recommend documentaries like these. You may not like to watch movies that feature pure facts and reality, but sometimes we need a reminder of what is going on outside of the first world and our comfort zone.


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